About Us

Here at Crafityhub, our goal is to provide a platform for independent artists to make revenue with their designs and creations. Artists can upload their artworks for sale on a large range of products. As customers, you can simply place an order on the products you like, and they will be produced on demand and shipped to you.

Our Vision

We aim to build a better world with creativity and design.

Our Story

We’re a small business ourselves with a big dream. We think art, design, and creation, have their unique value in every place in the world. As independent artists, how many steps will it take to put their creation on even one single product from initial design to finally deliver it to the customer? If we could build a marketplace to connect the artists with customers around the globe and take care of all the tedious process including product sourcing, manufacturing, inventory management, packaging, delivery, etc., that would be meaningful and fun!

Why Crafityhub?

  • Everything here is simple and user friendly
    Artists upload their design. You place an order on the product you like with a few clicks. It’s all that simple.
  • Hassle-free payment and delivery process
    We will handle all the payment, refund, quality control, fulfillment and shipping issues.
  • Global fulfillment network
    Enjoy our fulfillment around the globe with good shipping rates.
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